Welcome to New Whirlybirds Inc.

I wish to thank you for visiting and hopefully utilizing our website. Our services are provided by a person – not a computer. Therefore, each page abounds with information for inspiration. As you can imagine, our deeds for our clients have met their needs. Their vivid stories are well documented by our “Testimonials” webpage detailing the time & money we have saved for them. Please take a moment to consider purchasing our E-Book “How to Buy & Sell a Helicopter.” In addition, knowing the real value of an over priced 47 is rectified by our proven appraisal system used by attorneys & banks. These acts of wisdom will pay big dividends for future research and consultations. If you are a Bell 47 Owner – we offer you a safe and secure listing service to discreetly sell your 47 to qualified buyers.


Most importantly, we have a honored, respected, and accessible brand CEO – Joey Rhodes, who is internationally famous for his documented contributions and outstanding integrity concerning the Bell 47 World Community.

WHY? Joey’s valued presidential steady leadership of 700 + B47HA Members for the past 18 years, his focused guidance of 2000 + members of the Facebook Bell 47 Group, and  finally, his influence in the Bell 47 Helicopter Brokerage & Parts Industry  provide our customers with confidence in knowing Joey will properly address their Bell 47 needs.

Our services include:

  • Helicopter Listings & Sales Brokerage
  • Consultation
  • Acquisitions
  • Appraisals